Dark Lord of Barnet
Dark Lord of Barnet
'Deaf or Glory'

The Dark Lord's previous band the Lovable Rogues are still on 'Inactive Engagment' somewhere
in London but the guitars pictured here are now being used in anger again...
The Dark Lord can once again be found wielding his trusty
Gibson guitars on stages in London Essex, and Hertfordshire

Dark Lord of Barnet wins award for "Outstanding contribution to underground music" - yes really!

If I think you need to know anything more about the Dark Lord of Barnet and his dubious activities, then I'll post it here...

LATEST NEWS! The Dark Lord of Barnet was a guest on the Dark Heart of Camden show on Hard Rock Hell Radio on 9/8/2017.
He was playing a load of great music from his personal collection and talking a load of bollocks with Dave Renegade who presents the show.
If you missed the show you can listen to it here at your leisure

In the meantime, you can read my Blog - there are hundreds of gig reviews (with pictures) a few rants, and some other old bollocks and ramblings....

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Gigs Of The Month - March
2nd March: Duncan Reid & The Big Heads @ The 100 Club
2nd March: Pussycat & the Dirty Johnsons @ The New Cross Inn CANCELLED DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS
16th March: Shush @ Nambucca
23rd March: The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing @ The Dome
23rd March: Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors & The Main Grains @ Surya

Local Gigs
3rd March: Free Electric Band @ The Butchers Arms
3rd March: Mystery cover band @ Ye Olde Monken Holt...
10th March: Somethin' Else! @ The Butchers Arms
10th March: Cactus @ The Railway Tavern
17th March: Dunk & Disorderly @ The Kings Head
17th March: eQuivalents @ The Prince of Wales St Patricks Day event
24th March: Texas Flyers @ The Butchers Arms
24th March: Paparazzi @ The Railway Tavern

The best place to find out about local live music is now barnetmusic.co.uk - it's constantly updated.

For more information on any local pubs listed check out Beer In The Evening

So what else is happening on the Barnet rock scene? Is there still a Barnet rock scene?

Click on the links below to read about the music at the last few East Barnet Festivals

East Barnet Festival 2013

East Barnet Festival 2012 Event cancelled due to flooding.

East Barnet Festival 2010 Saturday - Sunday

East Barnet Festival 2009

East Barnet Festival 2008 Saturday - Sunday

East Barnet Festival 2007 Saturday - Sunday

I didn't get to see much of the 2006 East Barnet Festival but I've
posted my thoughts on what I saw here so go and have a look.


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