This shows you the cheapest to most expensive places I have discovered selling Newcastle Brown Ale in old London Town

You can use this as a rough guide to bar prices at music venues.

Sainsbury's (for comparison to show how much we are being ripped off) - 2.00
The Hope & Anchor - 2.95
The Old Bell, Enfield - 3.00 (When they actually have any)
The Unicorn, Camden - 3.25
The Gaff - 3.30 (2.50 members) Closed.
The Monarch, Camden - 3.50
Scream Lounge - 3.60
Big Red, Holloway Road - 3.70
The Purple Turtle - 3.90
The 12 Bar Club - 3.95
The Intrepid Fox - 4
The Boston Arms Music Room, Tufnell Park - 4.00
Dusk Til Dawn (Archway Tavern) 4.00 This is now the new (new) Intrepid Fox
The Good Ship - 4.10
The Wheelbarrow (formerly Tommy Flynn's - 4.10
The Borderline: 4.25
The St Moritz Club at 4.30 - IN A CAN!
Nambucca, Holloway Road - 4.50
The Garage at 4.60
Currently most expensive is: The Underworld - 4.80 a bottle! You can usually get a cheaper pint upstairs at the World's End pub.

I'll try and keep this up to date as my gig-going continues, but prices often change - last update 6/9/2015

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