Dark Lord haunts outside of Barnet...

If you have your own wheels, there is good rock music to be found elsewhere in Hertfordshire:

Only a few minutes drive or ride away in St Albans is The Horn - a venue which has hosted many fine bands over the years, including some well known ones - and a couple containing the Dark Lord himself, but we won't mention those...

The County town itself has an excellent live music venue in the Hertford Marquee - not affiliated to
or associated with any establishment with a similar name.
Here you can find such artists as John Otway, Eddie & The Hotrods, JOANovARC and Dead Monroe

Welwyn Garden City may be a bit of a townie infested wasteland, but good music can often be found at
The Green Room @ Doctor's Tonic. JOANovARC, Plan A, and the Yo-Yo's have all played here recently.

A bit further afield is Club 85 in Hitchin - another nice venue which features some excellent bands - Queen Adreena and JOANovARC (who seem to get everywhere at the moment!) for instance.

A bit farther south lies London and the legendary biker/rocker hangout the Ace Cafe - a place steeped in atmosphere and rock 'n' roll history. On Holloway Road is The Gaff - one of London's coolest new small venues - cheap booze too if you are a member. Closer to the rock 'n' roll heart of central London is Tommy Flynn's in Camden - one of the area's more intimate veneus, and not too expensive (for London). In the seedy heart of London's West End is the Intrepid Fox pub - now at a new venue. A few yards away is the 12 Bar Club - if you are really unlucky you might even find the Dark Lord himself onstage blasting out some rock 'n' roll at the unfortunate souls present. Only a stone's throw away (actually you probably couldn't chuck Keef or Mick that far) is Crobar - one of London's most infamous ROCK watering holes. Nearby in sordid Soho is a club called Decadence...

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