"King of the Underground" says Alex Kane
"Dark Lord of Barnet - he's a legend!" said Clare Pproduct.
"Who the fuck is the Dark Lord of Barnet?!" said Gary 'The Twat' Finan of The Heaters.
Recommended listening
Check this lot out:
(OK - this could use updating a bit - I spend too much time on MySpace...)

If you like your music to ROCK with a healthy dose of insanity, then you need to buy into AntiProduct!

The WiLDHEARTS - they're back!

Terrorvision - much missed, but back for a few dates in 2008...

While we are talking about Terrorvision - their singer Tony is now fronting Laikadog Go check 'em out.

Do ya miss Terrorvision? Check out DIP - they are just as silly, and they also ROCK!

Planet Of Women - they need to be seen to be believed!

Zen Motel - dark and dirty rock 'n' roll.

Vicious Cabaret - sleazy and twisted rock 'n' roll.

Beep Beep! Remember the Bookoo Movement? They are still around but now they are called Dead Monroe

JOANovARC - ex-Suffrajets Sam & Shelly's new band!

Girlschool - girls with big loud guitars!

Queen Adreena - edgy female fronted psycho-rock.

Anti-Clockwise Full power rock 'n' roll!

The Yo'Yo's are were back in 2005.

TAT - lively pop/punk!

Towers Of London - Motley Crue meets the Sex Pistols!

The Haunting - North London based Goth/rock band.

Kitty & The Kowalskis - New York punk rock!

Self Made Rockers Sleazy rock 'n' roll from Finland - making their second visit to the UK in February 2006.

The Roolettes - Anglo Italian punk rock.

Like the WiLDHEARTS and Slayer? You need to check out Insaniac!

Remember Candyheads? Sadly they are no more but a couple of members have now formed In So Far

Like the WiLDHEARTS? Then you might like Lunacy Booth too.

Loose Thread - not bastards, but they ROCK!

In Shadow - Female fronted and very heavy - if you like Skunk Annansie then you'll like this lot!

Mamajamas - explosive rock band with punk attitude.

There are a handful of cover bands who are worth catching - here they are:

A cover band that's actually really good? The Fabulous Feedback Band One of the best there is.

Another cover band that's actually really good! The Playgirls

Airplay - a top quality North London rock covers band.

The Bears - "a wildly addictive four piece covers band"

Binge Drinking - from Elvis to the Ramones, and back again.

Magnificent Seven "London's most exciting rock 'n' reggae adventure" - rarely seen but very entertaining!

The Heaters - a Thrash Soul band! Who the hell are these guys?!!

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